SB 35 waterbath with mechanical shaking
Item: 41101732


Dubnoff thermostatic bath with horizontal shaking. Working range from 5 ° C above room temperature to 100 °C. Capacity of the tank 35 liters. Electronic temperature regulator with integrated PID control. Safety class 2. Temperature stability at 37 °C: ± 0.5 °C, temperature accuracy: ± 1 °C. Universal basket with spring support in stainless steel (W x H x D) 320 x 115 x 200. Stainless steel lid hinged to the tank with 5 mm hole for the passage of an external sensor for the control or certification of the temperature. Tank emptying tube and quick-coupling valve for periodic liquid exchange. Weight: 28 Kg. Power supply: 230V / 50Hz, power: 1250 W. Packaging and transport included.