HB 120-C Dry bath for laboratory
Item: 22010013


The Argolab HB 120-C Dry Bath can accommodate up to 10 different test tube blocks, differing in number and volume.
Each block has a central thread for extraction (via dedicated rod) and at least 2 holes for temperature control (hole Ø 3 mm).
Each block is supplied without the extraction rod.

Settable temperature range between +25 and +120°C
Accurate and uniform temperature control (± 0.5°C @ 37°C)
LED display with "real time” temperature display and remaining heating time
"Hot” function for user safety - Overheating function (140°C)
Several types of hostable blocks compatible with most common Ø cuvettes (9 types)
Supplied with lid as standard for better heat preservation and more safety
Calibration on 1 POINT by simple operation