AM 40-D Pro Overhead Stirrer capacity 40LT.
Item: 22005043


Mechanical stirrer rod with LCD display. Maximum stirring quantity 40 L. Effort control with automatic speed adjustment. Adjustable stirring speed from 50…2200 rpm with a power of 100 W. Maximum viscosity 50000 mPa*s. Torque indication. Luminous indication of motor block due to exceeding of the maximum torque (N*cm). Upper passage hole for stirring rods (Ø 0.5 ... 10 mm). Supplied complete with mandrel (soft anti-contamination rubber cap) and relative key. Degree of protection IP42. 220V power supply.

Supplied without universal support (see code 22005153).

In the CGS system, 1 mPa * s = 1 cP (centipoise).

The Poise is the unit of measurement in the CGS System of dynamic viscosity, corresponding in the SI to the poiseuille [PI].

For historical reasons it is more common to use the submultiple centipoise [cP], which is equivalent to millipoiseuille.

The centipoise is the order of magnitude, in CGS units, closest to the viscosity of water H2O, under normal conditions.